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Launch of an online exhibition of “Visiting 7 Indian Legendary Artists” on 9th April 2022.

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A brief note on virtual exhibition

Visiting 7 Legends of India

These explore the Indian experience and the impact of indigenous practices creating new journeys that celebrate India in multiple ways. Padma Bhushan and Padma Shri Mr. Krishen Khanna at 96 years is a versatile modernist. Padma Shri Jyoti Bhatt reflected the beauty of indigenous arts in his original prints belonging to the prestigious Uttarayan collection in Vadodara. Two Tantra Gurus and Yoga practitioners Ghulam Rasool Santosh and Sohan Qadri are represented for their brilliance in composition and of meditation. Two brilliant artists Arpana Caur and Prodosh Das Gupta are presented for their uniqueness of thought and bringing traditions forward. Jogen Chowdhury a renowned painter, the pulse and rhythm of his art comes from a devoted affinity to nature and surroundings.