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Cabinet decisions

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  1. Export of Akash Missile System: The Cabinet has approved export of Akash Missile System. The approval enables Indian manufacturers to participate in RFI/RFP issued by various countries. So far, Indian defence exports included parts/components etc. The export of big platforms was minimal. This initiative of the Cabinet would help the country to improve its defence products and make them globally competitive. The export version of Akash will be different from System currently deployed with Indian Armed Forces. Government of India intends to focus on exporting high value defence platforms, to achieve target of USD 5 billion of defence export and improve strategic relations with friendly foreign countries.




  1. Opening of 3 Indian Missions in Estonia, Paraguay and Dominican Republic:The Cabinet has approved the opening of 3 Indian Missions in Estonia, Paraguay and Dominican Republic in 2021. Opening of Indian Missions in these countries will help expand India’s diplomatic footprint, deepen political relations, enable growth of bilateral trade, investment and economic engagements, facilitate stronger people-to-people contacts, bolster political outreach in multilateral fora and help garner support for India’s foreign policy objectives. 



  1. Industrial Corridor nodes at Krishnapatnam & Tumakuru and Multi Modal Logistics Hub & Multi Modal Transport Hub at Greater Noida: The Cabinet has approved construction of various trunk infrastructure components for (a) Krishnapatnam Industrial Area in Andhra Pradesh with an estimated cost of the project of INR 2,139.44 crore (approximately USD 290 million); (b) Tumakuru Industrial Area in Karnataka with an estimated cost of INR 1,701.81 crore (approximately USD 230 million); (c) Multi Modal Logistics Hub (MMLH) and Multi Modal Transport Hub (MMTH) at Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh with an estimated cost of INR 3,883.80 crore (approximately USD 524 million). The objective of Industrial Corridor Programme is to create greenfield industrial cities with sustainable, ‘plug n play’, ICT enabled utilities to facilitate the manufacturing investments into the country by providing quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructure to industries. Krishnapatnam Industrial Area in Andhra Pradesh and Tumakuru Industrial Area in Karnataka help kick start the development in Chennai Bengaluru Industrial Corridor Project. These greenfield industrial cities will be self-sustained with world-class infrastructure, road and rail connectivity for freight movement to and from ports and logistic hubs along with reliable power and quality social infrastructure.








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